The Cultural Connection


Adela Tavares

Adela graduated in the spring of 2002 from the Fine Arts College of Timisoara, Romania, with a degree in painting. She now lives and works in Glens Falls, where she has a studio in The Shirt Factory at which she is happy to meet people and show her work. She is interested in capturing the feelings and emotions beyond the obvious subject, no matter if it is a portrait, landscape or abstract work. She works in acrylic, oil or tempera; the art materials she uses are both tools and ways to experiment. Art has always been a way for her to understand and interpret the life and the experiences around her, a way to better know herself and deal with her emotions.


The Shirt Factory

71 Lawrence St, Suite 206

Glens Falls NY 12801

Adirondack Images

A native of Glens Falls, I have been practicing Family Medicine in the southeastern quadrant of the Adirondack Park for the past 31 years, primarily out of North Creek and Indian Lake. When I began working for Hudson Headwaters Health Network in 1981, I realized two dreams at once- the opportunity to both practice rural medicine in and photograph the Adirondacks. For the past 41 years I have been pursuing my passion for color photography, and have had some success in recent years with my medium-format and digital photography of Adirondack landscapes and people.

Adirondack Voices, Inc.

Adirondack Voices is a non-auditioned community chorus open to adults and high school students that have a love of music and can match pitch.
Weekly rehearsals are on Tuesdays from 7-9 pm.

Rehearsal Space:  Christ Church United Methodist, 54 Bay Street, Glens Falls, NY


P.O. Box 4145

Queensbury, NY  12804


Carol Law Conklin

I have been a batik artist for over 38 years.  My college major was printmaking, but when I made my first batik it became my medium.  My favorite subjects are nature, the seasons, mythological themes, and farm animals.  Of all, the horse expresses the most of what I want to communicate in my art.

Chapman Historical Musuem

The Chapman Historical Museum presents the history of the Glens Falls – Queensbury community and its connection to the Adirondack region.


348 Glen St Glens Falls, New York

Chip Perone Images

I believe that digital image editing can take a good photo and make it better.  For me, photography should capture the world as it surrounds me via nature, landscapes or people.  I use digital photography to stretch my creativity and enhance what I see within my mind’s eye.


Cynthia Fitzgerald

Cynthia’s Queensbury business was established in 2000. Her expertise includes:
Custom quilts including t-shirt quilts and memory quilts
Home and office wall and door decor
Purses and zip accessory pouches and last but not least –
Finishing those quilt tops or blocks you acquired.


Don Polunci

Don retired from Glens Falls High School after teaching art and photography for 32 years.  Don served as Vice President of the Adirondack Camera Club and was President of the Southern Adirondack Audubon Society. He is a published photographer and was a finalist in several magazines and newspapers including Adirondack Life and National Wildlife Magazine. Don has participated in a number of juried art shows and is very active in the local arts community. He is currently an instructor at the Adirondack Folk School in Lake Luzerne, NY


J and J Brown Garnet Studio

Gemstone Jewelry specializing in Adirondack garnet.  Settings are gold and sterling silver.  They cut their own stones and will customize jewelry to your choice.

Kris Gregson Moss


Located at the Shirt Factory
21 Cooper Street (Studio 201B on the Second Floor)
Glens Falls, NY  12801



Love is on Lake George

Kathy Miller of Love is on Lake George has a collection of some unique metal art decor and art stationary products that capture the Lake George Region experience for our residents and visitors.  Shelf Sitters, trivets, ornaments, notepads and note cards are featured.   Personalized items are available and custom metal work can be created to your design.  Feel free to contact Kathy by phone or email.



M. C. Huskie

Somewhere between the real and the surreal is that area that comes to us as thoughts. Some thoughts come through vivid as your face in the mirror, others like some dark shape in the corner of your bedroom at 4:00 am. This is where my art comes from. Sometimes it is focused from the start……other times not so clearly defined. Sometimes the name of the painting is fixed in my mind before I take a brush stroke. Hopefully, the end results in the idea being transformed into a two dimensional form of imagination and justifies the effort.


Mandalas for Modern Meditations

Robert Nottke worked as an elementary school art educator in Southern Saratoga county for 35 years. He has exhibited his photography at the Ballston Spa, Schuylerville and Greenwich Libraries, at the College of Saint Rose, The Russel Sage Colleges Art Gallery and at the 1986 Albany Tercentennial Exhibit at the Empire State Plaza. In 1985 he won a National 4th prize for his photograph, Children of Fear.

Mandalas for Modern Meditation are an outgrowth of a lifelong fascination with kaleidoscopic images. His mandalas have been inspired by catchphrases in the current parlance, by the textures and lines of nature, by the annual themes of the LARAC juried shows, or by odd things he has encountered in his travels. His hope is that, in searching for the intricacies of the designs, the viewers will be able to detach themselves from the conscious world and slip away into the complex baroque but very special environments they create.

MooseChat Arts

MooseChat Arts is a team of artists, Erin Godfrey Mattison and Stephanie Palazeke, based in Albany, NY. We aim to emphasize how awkward our generation is. Even our name evolved out of our own awkward friendship. We learned moose calls so we could communicate in our shared undergraduate studios without people understanding us. Though this effort was short lived (moose calls are hard to do!), the idea of isolating ourselves and creating our own borrowed language was interesting and inspiring for us. Thus, MooseChat was born!

MooseChat‘s work is an exploration of language and interpretation that results in surreal settings inspired by acronyms. The process begins with either of us selecting a word at random. This word is then broken down, letter by letter, into unrelated sub-words. Abstract situations are then created based on the resulting acronym. We draw upon many sources in the creation of these situations, including history, literature, Internet culture, pop culture, and nature. Logic and sense are questioned; meanwhile, humor, confusion, and strangeness conflate in these fantastical worlds.


322 Broadway

Fort Edward, NY 12828


Paul Chapman

I began teaching Art at Queensbury Elementary School in January 1966. I taught every grade level (1-3, then 4-6, then 7-8) for about 10 years. Then
I started teaching in the High School, where I remained until my retirement in 2001, June (after 35.5 years); retiring as the Chairman of the High
School Art Department. After retiring, I used my new free time to catch up on some things that I let slide over the years. After a fashion, however, I got reacquainted with the production of art and started painting again. It feels good. I have found myvoice. This is how I will end my days. This is my future.


12 Morgan Drive

Hudson Falls, NY 12839



Starr Regan DiCiurcio

Starr is a local artist who teaches on creativity and mandalas for both groups and individuals.
She is also an interfaith minister who teaches meditation, facilitates retreats and offers spiritual direction.

Vivian Simonson


P.O. Box 507
Bolton Landing, NY




Zorica Langa

Zorica Langa is an artist interested in exploring rhythm and harmony through abstract interpretations, while also inviting the viewer to see her paintings as a starting point for conceptual contemplation and the discovery of suggestive imagery.