The Cultural Connection


Adela Tavares

Adela graduated in the spring of 2002 from the Fine Arts College of Timisoara, Romania, with a degree in painting. She now lives and works in Glens Falls, where she has a studio in The Shirt Factory at which she is happy to meet people and show her work. She is interested in capturing the feelings and emotions beyond the obvious subject, no matter if it is a portrait, landscape or abstract work. She works in acrylic, oil or tempera; the art materials she uses are both tools and ways to experiment. Art has always been a way for her to understand and interpret the life and the experiences around her, a way to better know herself and deal with her emotions.


The Shirt Factory

71 Lawrence St, Suite 206

Glens Falls NY 12801

Adirondack Images

A native of Glens Falls, I have been practicing Family Medicine in the southeastern quadrant of the Adirondack Park for the past 31 years, primarily out of North Creek and Indian Lake. When I began working for Hudson Headwaters Health Network in 1981, I realized two dreams at once- the opportunity to both practice rural medicine in and photograph the Adirondacks. For the past 41 years I have been pursuing my passion for color photography, and have had some success in recent years with my medium-format and digital photography of Adirondack landscapes and people.

Adirondack Voices, Inc.

Adirondack Voices is a non-auditioned community chorus open to adults and high school students that have a love of music and can match pitch.
Weekly rehearsals are on Tuesdays from 7-9 pm.

Rehearsal Space:  Christ Church United Methodist, 54 Bay Street, Glens Falls, NY


P.O. Box 4145

Queensbury, NY  12804



Advokate is a service that helps artists and small businesses gain public awareness and increase sales via promotion, including web design, graphic design, social media assistance, press releases and more. Our approach is inclusive and can be customized to fit any budget from shoestring on up.  We create eye-catching, affordable designs in your very own flavor and offer guidance and customized plans to suite your promotional needs. Whether you’re a fledgling artist in need of a website, a start-up company needing new business card designs or an established business who could use some Facebook help, Advokate is on your team. Hire us for one project or let’s have coffee and draw up a map to get you where you need to be.


AFHG Images




Anne Gregson

Anne’s etchings are realistic and playful, responding to her rural Adirondack environment.  Using solar plates, she can print from one plate in a variety of ways, adding color, combining plates, adding papers.  Anne is a certified Life Coach who includes art projects in the workshops and retreats she helps facilitate.


Brian Chevalier

Absolutely Adirondack:  Music performances with slide presentation.  Explore the folklore and history of our Adirondacks, CD now available
Songspun Productions:  Teaching Artist Brian Chevalier has many programs available for schools and workshops.  With Brian, your school can write and produce its own CD!  Address NYS learning standards and character education needs through music movement and art!  Brochures available.


Carol Law Conklin

I have been a batik artist for over 38 years.  My college major was printmaking, but when I made my first batik it became my medium.  My favorite subjects are nature, the seasons, mythological themes, and farm animals.  Of all, the horse expresses the most of what I want to communicate in my art.

Chapman Historical Musuem

The Chapman Historical Museum presents the history of the Glens Falls – Queensbury community and its connection to the Adirondack region.


348 Glen St Glens Falls, New York

Chester Creek Press

Chester Creek Press is involved in almost every aspect of the book arts including letterpress printing, hand bookbinding, paper making, illustration and workshop teaching.  We publish small editions of prose and poetry in carefully designed hand-printed volumes bound by hand in unusual binding styles made with handmade papers and imported book cloths.  We teach summer and fall workshops in bookbinding, letterpress printing, hand paper making, box making, book design and relief printmaking.  A workshop schedule is posted on our website.

Robert Walp has a MFA in Book Arts from the University of Alabama.


PO Box 316

Chestertown, NY 12817

Chip Perone Images

I believe that digital image editing can take a good photo and make it better.  For me, photography should capture the world as it surrounds me via nature, landscapes or people.  I use digital photography to stretch my creativity and enhance what I see within my mind’s eye.


Clay Concepts Studio

Clay concepts offers pottery classes for children and adults.  Learn to throw on the wheel or hand build with clay to create functional and decorative works of art.  Call or email to receive a class schedule or for more information.


Craig Murphy

Photographer Craig Murphy brings his mobile tintype studio, Glens Falls Art, to different locations where he creates one-of-a-kind photographs using traditional 19th Century processes.


PO Box 2571

Glens Falls NY 12801


Crystal Paul

Crystal Paul is an Art Teacher and practicing artist living in Whitehall with her husband and twin boys.  She creates two and three dimensional art using many mediums including but not limited to colored pencil, pen and ink, acrylics and oils, fabric, wood and metal. Animals, including pet portraits, are a favorite subject for the artist. Crystal has been exploring the art of Zentangle, an art form that uses ink and repetitive pattern in a small format.

Cynthia Fitzgerald

Cynthia’s Queensbury business was established in 2000. Her expertise includes:
Custom quilts including t-shirt quilts and memory quilts
Home and office wall and door decor
Purses and zip accessory pouches and last but not least –
Finishing those quilt tops or blocks you acquired.


Danielle Monahan

Danielle Monahan is a painter as well as a graphic artist. Her subjects vary from images found in nature to portraits.  She often combines images, distorts images or works with abstraction.  Her main focus, while creating a work of art is subject matter, color relation, and layering techniques.  Have a look at her website for more information or to contact her.

de Blasiis Music Series

The mission of the deBlasiis Music Series is to continue to bring the highest quality chamber music to the Hyde Museum and to support the many excellent regional musicians who can bring something special to our audience.



Don Polunci

Don retired from Glens Falls High School after teaching art and photography for 32 years.  Don serves as vice president of the Adirondack Camera Club ans was president of the Southern Adirondack Audubon Society. He is a published photographer and was a finalist in several magazines and newspapers including Adirondack Life and National Wildlife Magazine. Don has participated in a number of juried art shows and is very active in the local arts community. He is currently an instructor at the Adirondack Folk School in Lake Luzerne, NY


Doretta Miller

Doretta Miller, known for her gouache and watercolor paintings of China, recently returned to painting in oils on canvas.  Recent subjects include local scenes, and still life objects including portraits of chairs.  Her work is included in the permanent collections of The Albany Institute of History and Art, and The Hyde Collection, and is represented at First Street Gallery, NYC.

Endless Rainbow Gems

Endless Rainbow Gems is a collection of gemstones set by silversmith Regina Eldridge, portraying historic styles ranging from early Celtic, through Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco periods.  Construction techniques include hand fabrication, die-struck filigrees, lost-wax casting and free-form jewelry sculpture from precious metal clay.  Many pieces incorporate all of these techniques with unusual gemstone cuts to create unique, one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and brooches.

P.O. Box 187,

Warrensburg, NY 12885

Fork-art by Matthew Bartik

Most people view forks as what they are, forks. Matthew has taken it one step further and turned them into art. Many of the works have become, in their own way, alive through the different forms they have taken. The fluidity of the curves combined with the jaggedness of the tines create a very lifelike quality from the stainless steel. This allows the piece of the art to become its own entity. Matthew prides himself on the ability to create anything given enough time and materials.
There is no welding, soldering, glue, or strings attached to these art forms. Each and every piece of fork art, that Matthew has produced, is shaped from the strength of his arms and hands and the tool of his trade, a pair of pliers. The producers of the forks decide the type of stainless steel used in the fork itself, varying in quality and thickness from producer to producer. Matthew has used many brands and styles of forks over the years with varying degrees of success and uses those differences to his advantage when producing his work.

Glens Falls Symphony

The Glens Falls Symphony, under the musical direction of Charles Peltz, is a fully professional orchestra based in Glens Falls, NY


P.O. Box 2036 (7 Lapham Place)
Glens Falls NY 12801

J and J Brown Garnet Studio

Gemstone Jewelry specializing in Adirondack garnet.  Settings are gold and sterling silver.  They cut their own stones and will customize jewelry to your choice.

JC Parker Fine Art LLC

Nationally known, painting in oils and watercolors. Maybe it’s because of my heritage. Maybe it’s because I’m self taught. Maybe it’s because I was born deep in the Adirondack mountains and have traveled extensively. Maybe it’s because a few years ago I was diagnosed with kidney cancer and an abdominal aortic aneurysm that required surgery. However, whatever the reason, my patrons say that my art provides a glimpse of the spirit and captures moments in time. Local images, framed exquisitely, affordably priced.

7 May Apple Way
Malta, New York 12020

Jeffrey Anderson Photography

Award-winning and internationally published fine art and commercial photography.  Equine Fine Art, Natural World, Fine Art Portraiture.  Gallery located in The Shirt Factory.

Jenny Hutchinson

Jenny Hutchinson considers herself somewhat of an anomaly.  Her body of work features single, multiple, or conjoined forms that explore figuration in both abstract and representational modes.  Each figure is a continuous stream of consciousness that transforms and develops as a result of artistic medium, observation, and memory.  She likes to think of her use of drawing and painting materials as relative to alchemy.  The materials serve as tools to help direct and translate the simultaneous narrative to provide a more sincere sense of reality and physical representation of a human body.

John David Geery

John David Geery has been photographing the Vermont landscape since 1984. His work is known for its ability to draw the viewer into the scene.  Each photograph evokes an emotion, as he uses light and composition to capture the mood.  He attends both LARAC festivals with his fine art photographs for sale.

Kate Boyle

Fine artist, specializing in portraits from life and photography.
Kate’s work has been exhibited in Art in the Public Eye’s Gallery 99 and Third Thursday Art Walk. Kate has also exhibited paintings in LARAC’s juried still-life exhibit during the Adirondack Theater Festival at The Wood Theater and also at North Country Arts Center.

Kate’s art continues to be inspired by the locations she has traveled and the people she has met along the way, from the simplicity of a small, brightly painted town in Guatemala, to the decorative wrought iron found in New Orleans. Kate’s interest in architecture has fueled her love of travel. In the spring of 2011 she made a return trip to Europe with her son, Zack, upon his completion of high school.

Kate Hartley

As an artist, I have always found inspiration in close observation of the natural world, and in the ever-changing play of light and shadow over organic forms.  My recent paintings combine rounded rocks (collected in my travels), pears, wild mushrooms, seeds, and eggs.  Through my art, I seek to convey a sense of visual poetry.”  For twenty years, Kate has painted, exhibited, and taught art, with watercolors as her specialty.  She ran a small arts school in Burlington, VT before moving to North Creek and is looking forward to teaching at Tannery Pond Community Center.

Kris Gregson Moss


Located at the Shirt Factory
21 Cooper Street (Studio 201B on the Second Floor)
Glens Falls, NY  12801



Lake George Music Festival


7 Stone Pine Lane

Queensbury, NY 12804


Paul Lange, a prominent fashion photographer in NYC for 25 years, relocated to New York’s Hudson Valley in 2004 to concentrate on portraiture and fine art photography–a natural progression from the celebrity portraits, beauty and editorial location work for which he is known.  His new work explores a variety of natural subjects:  landscape, birds, and flowers; concentration on their anthropomorphic similarities and the painterly effects that can be created in-camera from classical and realistic representation to abstraction, without exaggerated enhancements or manipulations in Photoshop.


Lise Winne

Lise Winne is known for her songwriting, guitar and angelic soprano vocals.  Winner of a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts, on the playlist of the prestigious “Mists of Avalon” radio program out of NJ and the member of two bands, The Spirites Consort (classical, Renaissance, new interpretations of old songs) and Saratoga Faire (folk and originals), Lise’s style is often innovative and defies categorization.  “Winne recalls early Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell, but her sound is actually older–it’s ancient, timeless. . .” (David Malachowski, Albany Times Union, former guitarist for Shania Twain).  Lise has released 3 albums since 1996 and her 4th is to be released soon.  Lise started out as a visual artist and has a bachelors in studio art and a masters in art education and still exhibits occasionally.

PO Box 145

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Liz Parsons

My work is about the doing, about escaping into my own corner of the world for a little while, to process it and to make sense of it all in my own way.

Love is on Lake George

Kathy Miller of Love is on Lake George has a collection of some unique metal art decor and art stationary products that capture the Lake George Region experience for our residents and visitors.  Shelf Sitters, trivets, ornaments, notepads and note cards are featured.   Personalized items are available and custom metal work can be created to your design.  Feel free to contact Kathy by phone or email.



Lynn Benevento

Lynn creates realistic paintings of Adirondack scenes–mountains and lakes, wildflowers and hot air balloons.  You can also visit her gallery in scenic Lake Luzerne for limited and open editions of her work.
Contact Benevento Gallery

M. C. Huskie

Traditional oil painter of the real and surreal.  No computer, and no projector.  Just paint and brushes.


Mandalas for Modern Meditations

Mandalas for Modern Meditations bring an ancient art into your personal spaces.  They have a rare ability to transform chaos into ordered pattern and represent a way to find beauty in the random and confusing world we live in.  Viewers who focus on their unusual shapes and tiny details may find themselves slipping from the conscious world into the special complex and baroque environments they create.

Bob was an elementary school art educator in southern Saratoga County for 35 years and exhibited widely in the Tri-Cities area during that time.  He has photographed widely in both North America and Europe.  In 1986 he won a national fourth prize for his photograph Children of Fear in the Photographer’s Forum national competition.

Mary Paladin

Art has always been an essential part of Mary’s life. At the age of two and a half she began drawing with crayons on anything she could-including her bedroom wall. At four she received her first set of “real” watercolors from a relative in Europe which inspired the animals she painted on the back of her closet door. Mary was not a mischievous child by any means; she just wanted to “make pretty things”. She has studied various forms of art throughout her life; pottery, sculpture, textile design, fiber arts and jewelry making. Painting and drawing however are her favorite forms of expression with painting being her “passion”. Mary works in pen and ink, colored pencil, acrylic, watercolor and gouache; she is the happiest when she can “make pretty things”.    Mary is also the author of “The Adirondacks that are the Other Half of Me”…

Micropolis Cooperative Gallery

Micropolis Cooperative Gallery is dedicated to the arts and to the growth and revitalization of the downtown community of Gloversville, New York. Its goals are to provide artists with an opportunity to exhibit and sell their work and to build awareness of and support for the art community. Paintings, drawings, photos, fiber art, batik, mixed media, woodwork, glass, digital art, sculpture, jewelry and pottery by regional artists are on display and open daily. Member work is rotated every other month and an invited guest artist is featured. Shows open with a “Meet the Artist” reception.

The gallery is located in the Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market, housed inside the historic Schine Building.

30 N. Main St.

Gloversville, NY 12078


MooseChat Arts

MooseChat Arts is a team of artists, Erin Godfrey Mattison and Stephanie Hewett, based in Albany, NY. We aim to emphasize how awkward our generation is. Even our name evolved out of our own awkward friendship. We learned moose calls so we could communicate in our shared undergraduate studios without people understanding us. Though this effort was short lived (moose calls are hard to do!), the idea of isolating ourselves and creating our own borrowed language was interesting and inspiring for us. Thus,MooseChat was born!

MooseChat‘s work is an exploration of language and interpretation that results in surreal settings inspired by acronyms. The process begins with either of us selecting a word at random. This word is then broken down, letter by letter, into unrelated sub-words. Abstract situations are then created based on the resulting acronym. We draw upon many sources in the creation of these situations, including history, literature, Internet culture, pop culture, and nature. Logic and sense are questioned; meanwhile, humor, confusion, and strangeness conflate in these fantastical worlds.


322 Broadway

Fort Edward, NY 12828


North Country Arts Center

North Country Arts Center is a non-profit cultural organization for artists, artisans, and people interested in the Arts.  Our purpose is to support emerging artists, encourage creative endeavors and to provide suitable and accessible locations for works to be exhibited.  NCAC oversees exhibition space at the 2nd Floor Gallery at the Glens Falls City Hall,  Glens Falls Post Office, and the Art in Chestertown Gallery.

We hold a Juried Art and Juried Photography Exhibit at the Crandall Public Library.  We also run workshops for artists to help them improve their technical and business skills.  Support for NCAC comes from contributions and dues from individuals and companies interested in the arts.  Benefits of membership:  quarterly newsletters, participation in Members Only Exhibits, invitation to annual meeting, art exhibits & receptions, and opportunities to serve on the Board of Directions and NCAC committees.

6 Pine Street

Glens Falls, NY 12801

Paul Chapman

I began teaching Art at Queensbury Elementary School in January 1966. I taught every grade level (1-3, then 4-6, then 7-8) for about 10 years. Then
I started teaching in the High School, where I remained until my retirement in 2001, June (after 35.5 years); retiring as the Chairman of the High
School Art Department. After retiring, I used my new free time to catch up on some things that I let slide over the years. After a fashion, however, I got reacquainted with the production of art and started painting again. It feels good. I have found myvoice. This is how I will end my days. This is my future.


12 Morgan Drive

Hudson Falls, NY 12839



Ray Palmer

Ray Palmer resides in Glenville, NY.  Primarily a nature photographer, Ray is drawn to landscapes, wildlife, and macro imagery.  However, he looks at photography as a medium of opportunities, so any subject is fair game.  His work has appeared in publications, calendars, and various exhibitions.

Ray gets himself and his gear into some spectacular  locations.  While much of the year includes shooting the Adirondacks of New York, his website and images reflect extensive time spent in locations around the country and beyond.

Opportunity can find you on a rugged trail waiting for a break between snow squalls, or witnessing dawn on the docks of a working lobster harbor.  It is always a challenge to capture a sense of place.  It is in the lines of the land, the rapids of the river, the angle of the wildflower’s tilt.  With the right light, the right season, and some helpful weather, the photographer may get a moment of grace.

Running Ridge Studio

All of Diane’s designs are original and hand hooked by her with 100% wool yarn and the finest backing materials.  She takes great pride in creating a high quality product.  With proper care they can become heirlooms to last many years.  She would love the opportunity to incorporate some of your ideas and interests to help you personalize your rug or wall hanging.  All of her designs can be put into kit form or you can purchase the design printed on monk’s cloth or Scottish burlap if you prefer.  Please call or email for pricing and details.


8 Church Hill Road

Bolton Landing, NY 12814

Ruth Sauer

Ruth’s colorful acrylic and pastel stylistic abstracts on canvas and paper decorate the walls of her gallery North Main in Salem, NY.  The vibrant colors in her abstract landscapes bring a special life to the pieces.  Ruth says her work comes from “day dreams and night dreams” as well as places she has visited. Ruth also teaches at the studio; for more information on classes, click here.


Sandra Keyser

Sandie is a folk artist specializing in brightly colored acrylic paintings of local scenes in Upstate New York.  She is inspired by the beauty of the local hamlets and farms, and expresses that inspiration in her paintings.

Sara Pearsall

I work with three distinct artistic mediums:  photography, printing inks and polymer clay.  My photographs and prints are vibrant images of the Adirondacks and nature.  The jewelry features handmade beads incorporating the colors and textures I find in nature into the polymer beads.

Saratoga Jewels

Fine handcrafted sterling silver jewelry incorporating high quality gemstones and pearls sourced from around the world.  Designs are unique and timeless inspired from the natural curves and symmetry of nature.

Seth Butler

Seth’s  artwork has always been about the abstract nature of visual perception and how that contributes to the creative construct of composition, whether real or imagined. If there isn’t room for interpretation, I don’t have a statement to be made. Subjects come to life through color and structure in both still life and imagined landscapes, taking the cue from my mom, landscape painter Anne Sutherland.

Sharon Crute

Equine artist Sharon Crute has been involved in the horse racing business for more than 30 years. Her wealth of industry experience—which runs the spectrum from pony rider to racing official and owner/trainer—combined with a genuine and deep-rooted respect for the equine athlete is reflected in every brush stroke of the dynamic work she creates. She captures the spirited movement, grace and exhilarating speed of horses like few others. Vivid color and directional brushstrokes help to convey the explosive scenes. Commissions keep her busy as Sharon’s work is featured on posters, book covers and program covers. She has produced large-scale murals for Sea World and the super-yacht Unbridled. Logo design and illustration include two children’s books. Her artwork is often requested as illustration material for various publications. Sharon’s paintings are collected extensively across the U.S. and abroad in England, Ireland, Argentina, Japan, South Korea and Italy, etc.


Starr Regan DiCiurcio

Starr is a mandala artist trained by international authority, Susanne Fincher, and her collaborator, Marilyn Clark.  Starr offers mandala workshops and tutorials so others can explore the mandala as a means of self-expression and discovery.  No artistic experience is needed.  Starr is also an interfaith minister who directs retreats and offers spiritual counseling for individuals.


Stories Told – Original and Contemporary Folk Music

Stories Told is the acoustic singer/songwriter duo of Gary Moon and Alice Hausmann, and originated in the Saratoga Springs arts scene in upstate New York. Alice answered her musical calling in the Saratoga music scene performing with a wide range of area musicians, and accompanying herself on guitar and ukelele. Gary has performed for 30 years at venues in the Lake George region covering the songs of popular artists of the singer-songwriter genre all the while sharpening his own songwriting skills and drawing on these influences to craft his own original compositional style. While their vocal styles are unique as solo artists, their harmonies blend perfectly whether they are performing original songs, contemporary folk-pop hits, or classic folk standards.




Suliveres Painting and Faux Finishing

Suliveres Painting and Faux Finishing specializes in high-end custom painting and faux finishes.  Let me bring harmony, sophistication and elegance to your home at affordable prices.  My specialties include Venetian Plaster, Marbling, Tuscan finishes, Gilding, Tone on Tone stripping, and many other types of glazing.  I also offer interior and exterior painting and stain.  No job is too small and the sky is the limit.


Tony Beaver Photography

Tony is a local nature photographer specializing in affordable fine art prints of landscapes, scenes, and vistas from the Adirondack Mountains. He has won multiple awards for his photography including 1st place for both macro and wildlife photos in Adirondack Life’s annual photography contest.

(518) 260-1869

Trudi Smith

Portrait artist, Trudi Smith, offers workshops in painting the portrait twice yearly.  The workshops are held the first 3 Thursdays in May and October at her studio in The Shirt Factory.


The Shirt Factory
Studio 209
71 Lawrence Street

Glens Falls, NY 12801

Vivian Simonson


P.O. Box 507
Bolton Landing, NY




Wayne Smith

Wayne Smith creates wheel-thrown functional work with particular care taken with form and surface.  The wheel-thrown forms are often manipulated and altered after throwing.  His interest is in evolving the form, developing surface treatments, and exploring the limits of that form’s functionality.

Wilfred’s Woodcraft

My love of nature inspires unique and interesting works of art made on a scroll saw. My primary canvas is moose antler and the occasional piece of unique wood.  Antler is such a natural media to work with that one can almost feel its energy.  My goal in my art is to allow one to escape into the piece, if only for a moment, and take them to a place they may have been or wish to be, as I do while experiencing the joy of their creation.  I feel this type of art brings a little bit of the outside, inside, and allows ones imagination to take over.  I have done commissioned pieces that have a much more special meaning to the owner.  Commissions allow me the joy of tapping into someone else’s artistic vision and creating a tactile image of their art. I  am the current chairman of the Northeastern Woodworkers Scroll Saw Guild and give scroll saw presentations and instruction throughout the Capital Region.


Zorica Langa

Zorica Langa is an artist interested in exploring rhythm and harmony through abstract interpretations, while also inviting the viewer to see her paintings as a starting point for conceptual contemplation and the discovery of suggestive imagery.